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World's first World War II dungeon crawler game! Crawl around the trenches, dig your own path, beat the Nazis and try your best to stay alive. Motherland's fate depend on your success!



It's not just grid-based roguelike game in World War II setting. This is the shrill story about valiant adventure of brave soviet sergeant against Nazi's horde. The story about the Trench Warrior who is destined to squash the Reich and save the Motherland on his own.

Risk. Explore. Die. Memorize. 

Begin the Trench Warrior's Path now!



Это не просто пошаговый рогалик от первого лица в сеттинге Второй мировой войны. Это пронзительная история о героическом похождении бравого советского сержанта против орды нацистских солдат. История о воине, которому суждено в одиночку сокрушить Третий Рейх и спасти Родину.

Рискуйте. Изучайте. Умирайте. Запоминайте.

Начните путь траншейного воина прямо сейчас!

Wilderness Theory.

myacty - lead game designer, game engineer, VFX/3D-artist, lead level designer & environment designer.

magmich - lead UI artist, 2D/3D-artist, environment & vehicle designer, level designer.

kasaalea - lead 2D artist, environment & character designer, animation artist, illustrator.

agathorch - composer, lead SFX-designer.

hishn - illustrator, additional 2D artist.



Install instructions

Unpack by 7z or WINRAR, etc.
Run "RASKOPNIK.exe" file.

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I made a video on your game (15:05)


amazing my dudes

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this game is amazing


Ребят,  прям порадовали. 

Получилось действительно интересно.  Жду дальнейшего развития этой замечательной игры

Ребята. Я тот же самый человек. 

Подскажите пожалуйста.  

Я создал аккаунт в браузере (на сайте) itch.io, но когда я хотел привязать его к приложению на рабочем столе, у меня ничего не получилось. 

Для браузера и для приложения нужны разные аккаунты?

how do you find the map?


Просто праздник какой-то! Вишлистед в стиме со страшной силой. Пара замечаний: 1). Застрял, когда вышел к своим без плана. 2). Уж больно много мата, иногда совсем не к месту. Работайте, братья! 🤙🏻


Удачи вам ребята , главное не бросайте разработку


I played the demo for 69 (nice) minutes and I didn't even beat the third level. This demo is bigger than a lot of games.

Great fun too :)


Hi, glad you enjoyed it!

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name of the song when u play? bc it is good ngl

Hi, it's original soundtrack, will be dropped with the game. Stay tune!

ok thx :)


Loved the retro vibes. Had a lot of fun testing the game.

Here is a short gameplay video:




one of the reasons i love itch.io is that the community is really progressive and understanding and we understand that when a game is about nazis, you show the swastika, we don't censor it here because were here to kill nazis, not ww1 germans that like the color red. nazis. we like killing nazis. looking at you cod ww2.


reminder that it started (if im not wrong) cause battlefield needed a team deathmatch and thought that letting people play as the axis, they would somehow become actual nazis 


ah yes because playing CSGO makes me want to commit terrorism


I played minecraft and now I am one of the indians making houses on yt


welp, just saw they censored it on steam. pussys


It's the only way to be showed in Germany ;)

All claims to their non-progressive legislation.


It's not. Swastikas aren't forbidden when used in art pieces and legislation changed, games are considered art now. It's Valve being massive pussies.

Deleted 320 days ago

Hi! Thanks for review, that's was pretty fun! And yeah, the English in some places really weird. Sorry about it. We'll do our best for the final release!


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😍

Hi! Thanks for the playing and thanks a lot for this video!


Jogo muito lindo!😍❤️

Estou aguardando, para nósso querido  Android.

We'll definitely deals with Android ;)

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This game caught my attention thank God the game w as browser it look cool.

Hi! Thanks for reply and really thank god that this game available in browser!


how do you pick up the map?


Hi, It is an collectible item hidden somewhere in the level. Just step on it and it will be collected :)


oooooh ok, thanks


The game looks awesome! Here's a small letsplay video by Sasha Zenko, who plays games using only his chin and mouse: 


Hi, thanks for reply, and thanks for the video - its super cool!


This is great. Love it.


Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Hello, do you want translate into French language ? i can do it. (english to french)

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Hi! It sounds great, we'll consider on your proposal. How can we contact you?

HI, by mail but i don't know can i give you my email

Alright, just write me here


Hello, it would be great to change key, i have azerty keyboard.

Best regards


Hi! Thanks for reply! We'll add key assignment in future release :)


Great !!!!!!


Muito obrigado😍


Oi pode trazer uma versão para Android?? Por favor o jogo é encrível

Hi! Glad you liked the game! We'll definitely make a Android release, stay tune!


man this is a fun game, I plated it before the newest  0.99 version and liked it alot, and I'm very happy its getting a new version. Can I become a beta tester and if so, will the beta be available on itch cause I dont have steam


Hi! Thanks a lot for feedback, we glad you're liked this game so much! Yes, the beta will be available on itch! Add game to your collection (if you still not) and you'll get notified when beta is been ready! For more details on beta test you can contact with me here. Or leave me your contacts where I can message you!

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NICE! thanks man.

edit: some feedback I would like to give, is that hopefully the game becomes somewhat more optimized cause when I start it the fans on my laptop whir like alot and also during playing, so some optimization would be nice.

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For sure! We're working on it. May I clarify your PC's config, please? And what version do you played, downloadable or Web?


I play on the web version, but I didn't understand my laptops config, I use windows 10.


Oh, the web is totally unoptimized. I recommend you to download the game, desktop version is more stable.


This is a very creative spin on the FPS dungeon crawler genre. Extremely fun!


Thank you! We're glad you liked it!